INNOVATION AWARD 2006 goes to VEOLIFE Group   Federal Association of medium-sized  Economy (BVMW) gives Innovation Award  2006 to VEOLIFE Group, previously LIFE  AESTHETIC jetzt .   At the BVMW Vital Health Convention, which  took place on April 27, the VEOLIFE Group,  of which the financing company BeautyCredit is a part of, has received the Innovation  Award 2006 from the Federal Association of  medium-sized Economy.  The VEOLIFE Group has been honored for  groundbreaking performance, particularly the  “Saliva Test”. This easy-to-use test enables a  reliable diagnosis of diseases and  indispositions. Variegated specifications of  the test help to discover diseases und to  maintain health by means of prophylaxis “Prevention is most important,” said  MrsRoswitha Schäffer,  Federal Comissioner  of the Economic Senate Bavaria, “It is our  mission is to encourage also younger people  to take charge of their health.”   Many midsized businesses would neglect the  prophylaxis for their employees for fear of  expenses. Mrs Schäfer further: “This  Convention showed that the expenses are  very low and that health insurance  companies and the German State are willing  to co-finance it.“ The VEOLIFE Groups major concern is to  support the individual person to live healthy  and consciously. The company regularly  surprises with ideas, amognst others in  healthcare. One example is the collaboration with the company Kyphon, that introduced a  sensational surgical method developed in the United States to Germany. Moreover consumer can profit from the  VEOLIFE Group and their offers ranging from  health, beauty, life style to esthetic medicine. A very prevailing topic: BeautyCredit. This  project of the VEOLIFE Group arranges  reliable loans for dental treatments, cosmetic  surgery and health regimens.  Mrs. M. Merten and Mr. Koese-Moire